Thursday, September 25, 2014

rock me ama-daisy

I was visiting one of my favorite people (favorite because she gives me free plants and stuff--and she's just an all-around sweetie), and I see this fabulous mission-style rocking chair in her garage.

Naturally, I gush all over it and tell her how much I'd love to have its children and live happily ever after with it.

"Really???" says she.  "I'm going to get rid of it.  It's too big for my room."

Tazmanian Devil wheels are a'spinnin' in my gray matter.

Moi: much do you want for it?

All-Around Sweetie:  Well....I think I'm going to ask $15.  That's what I paid for it at the thrift store.  I thought I'd just put it on the driveway with a sign and see if anyone would buy it.

Moi:  I'LL BUY IT!!!!!!!!

I only had a $20 in my purse, so we traded up and I brought the father of my new rockin' children home.

The fabric was covered in cat hair but that's nothing a little bonfire won't fix.  (No actual cats were injured in the recovering of this chair.  Not even THAT DAMN CAT.)

A great-looking chair...just not very happy.

Here he is with his pants down:

I removed all the staples (you know the story) and cut a new piece of foam to fit (the foam was camera-shy).

Then the staple gun and I got our rhythm down (I love that gun) and got that chair ready for my bum.

So much happier now!

You'll notice I didn't paint it.  The wood is in fabulous shape, and let's face it...if he's going to be my chair-baby-daddy, he needs wood.

And daisies.  Does that make him a transvestite?

OH!  I forgot to tell you the funniest part about our trip to Mackinac!  I had just bought Eddie a new bed and took it to Gramma's.  (Gramma locks him up in her pantry/laundry room because she doesn't like nighttime doggy snuggles.)  He hated the new bed.  So he slept on her bag of potatoes instead.

Silly Mr. Potato Schnauzer.  Eddie wishes I would stop forcing him to pose for the gratuitous dog shot.

Do you have a favorite reading nook?  This is now mine.

And it gives Fred a place to hang out while we're gone.

If you look closely (above) you'll get a sneak-peak at the curtains I just made.  

Rock Me Ama-Daisy.

And a little Rock Me Amadeus for those of you who got the title.

Anything Blue Friday

Saturday, September 20, 2014

land, ho!

Ah...the power of a comma...

Philly and I celebrated our 15th adversity day last month.  Perhaps you recall last year when I posted about our 14th adversity HERE.

We went on an island vacation.  Mackinac Island, to be exact.  Now, before we go any further, I feel compelled to educate us.  Even though it's spelled "Mackinac," it's pronounced "Mackinaw."  It can be spelled either way, but it's always pronounced "awwwww."  HERE is an explanation.  Learn it; remember it.

There will be a quiz later.

Ever since seeing Somewhere In Time, I've wanted to visit Mackinac Island.

Do you love that movie too?


It made me want to go to Mackinac.  So, naturally, Philly took me. 

Eddie wanted to go.

All my bags are packed...I'm ready to go....

We left Eddie with Gramma and headed out.  Eddie loves Gramma because she never runs out of Grampa's beer.


We loaded up my guilty pleasure with our bicycles and other necessities for the week.  Did you know there are no cars allowed on Mackinac?  They had to get special permission from the island for Christopher Reeve to drive his car during filming of Somewhere.  You can get around this 3-mile-long island on foot, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage.  (It's just over 8 miles if you traverse the whole perimeter, which we did.)

But first...getting there!  Because getting there is half the fun a long-ass drive.  Fortunately, one of my favorite friends (Dr. Jeanne) lives in Holland, MI, so we made a pit stop there on the way up and had a ménage à trois.

It was yummy.

Later (and very picture-heavy)....

We crossed the Mackinac Bridge.  The 5th longest suspension bridge in the world.  It gave me the collywobbles.

But before we knew it, we were on the ferry to Mackinac!

Our first view of the Grand Hotel:

This place looked haunted to me:

We rode our bikes all around the island, and we saw these Rock Jengas everywhere!  Naturally, we played too.

We visited Fort Mackinac and I was more interested in the furniture than anything else.  I want this stove.

I don't want this dresser.

But I had to take a picture because the pulls look like nutsacks.

Phil got really excited about the jail.

They had these wax figures, and for some reason, this kid freaked me the hell out.

Like we could resist:

MUCH better!!

What a child.

 This one may be my favorite:

We ate lunch at the outdoor cafe at the Fort.  The view was incredible.

The Grand Hotel was amazing.  On the outside.

 Here's a panorama shot:

The inside was nothing short of horrible.  I'm so glad we didn't rob that bank so we could afford to stay here.  I would have been beyond upset.

Garish is the best single-word descriptor I can some up with.

That sofa is made of vinyl.

That's tent material inside the cupola bar...the very top center part of the Grand Hotel.  And that chandi?  Classy.

Green fuzzy sombrero.

And giant cheeser. 

This dining room does not help my appetite...

I don't know what period they are trying to replicate, but I find my monthly period to be less offensive.

There were horses (and horse poop) everywhere.

We ate tons of food.  It was good, but I wouldn't say any of it was great.  Of course, that didn't stop us from eating more food.

Our last night on the island was September 11.  We attended a memorial service and I cried.  And cried.  I'm tearing again just thinking about it.

Finally, for those of you who are (or aren't) familiar with the theme song from Somewhere In Time, I've plunked it out on the piano.

I believe I saw an interview with Jane Seymour where she said she asked John Barry to compose this piece even though they couldn't afford him.  I believe he wrote it free of charge...but I'm not 100% certain.

I AM 100% certain that this rendition is free of charge.  Please forgive the mistakes and the pink pajama pants.  And if you look closely, you'll see Philly wandering around in the reflection of the piano.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

that is one big-ass clock


I said CLOCK, people.  And I have a big-ass one.

I woke up the other day and suddenly I'd been at my current place of employment for 20 years.  I got a coffee cart and a big-ass clock.

The other thing I got was depressed because I swear it was just yesterday I was a 24-year-old smokin' hot babe who had just begun her illustrious career a job that paid actual money.

So I got a link to a website where I could pick out the gift of my dreams.
And I have to say that I made the right choice.

This thing kicks huge ass.

 Now I'm going to put in into perspective for you.

(And show you one ugly rug.)

The clock measures 4 feet in diameter.

And it's hanging out in the nook area of the piano room.

And it has some serious clock rock.

We sure picked a doozy for the first thing to hang on our new walls!

For my next major event, I'm going to order a better area rug.

And some photography skills.

Oh.  And some baseboard. 

Oh snap...I stopped at Tuesday morning on Wednesday Afternoon and picked up this rug on my way home from work.  What do you think?  Tell me true...

This rug is Eddie-approved.

Okay, so I still need baseboard.

And photography skills. 

Because they suck clock.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

stool samples

These bar stools somehow found their way into my kitchen.

It's most likely because I bought them and put them in my kitchen.

I spent $75 on the set (Craigs List) and they're in nice shape, but the seat fabric looks like someone had a very dirty butt and an unimaginative mind.  (Quite possibly the other way around.) 

Since I drove myself insane picking out paint for the walls and trim (I ended up with Benjamin Moore "Smoke Embers" for the walls and...."White" for the trim--that was the real head-scratcher), you can only imagine my self-induced terror when I started picking out fabric for draperies and upholstery.

I was going with a yellow/turquoise combo for the main colors in the house, but I really wanted some red in the kitchen.  I'm blaming that on my trip to New Orleans a couple years ago where I bought these:

And then I had too many of these:

I'm surprised I remembered to bring my new artwork home.

Hell, I'm surprised I remembered to bring me home.

I wanted something a bit playful for the bar stools because, well...

It doesn't matter why.  I just wanted it, okay?  All of these (and a bunch more) were contenders at some point.

What did I end up choosing?  And did I make the right choice?

Or will I find myself in a corner, curled up in the fecal position?

Nah...if I don't like it, I'll put new stuff on them.  After all, it's only 3 seats, right?

Here they are!

The red is actually more of a burnt orange/cinnamon color, but that's okay.

I think they look just right at the island. 

Here, I set a place for you for dinner!

Of course, we don't usually eat dinner at the island, so you'll most likely be sitting by yourself.  And I didn't give you any silverware.

I have no plans to paint the stools at the moment.  I'm liking the dark wood I have in the kitchen.  For now.

Here's another before and after:


And since I know you've missed Eddie, here he is enjoying Phil's favorite chairSeriously...what dog sits like this?

He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!


So, how are your stools?

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