Saturday, August 30, 2014

stool samples

These bar stools somehow found their way into my kitchen.

It's most likely because I bought them and put them in my kitchen.

I spent $75 on the set (Craigs List) and they're in nice shape, but the seat fabric looks like someone had a very dirty butt and an unimaginative mind.  (Quite possibly the other way around.) 

Since I drove myself insane picking out paint for the walls and trim (I ended up with Benjamin Moore "Smoke Embers" for the walls and...."White" for the trim--that was the real head-scratcher), you can only imagine my self-induced terror when I started picking out fabric for draperies and upholstery.

I was going with a yellow/turquoise combo for the main colors in the house, but I really wanted some red in the kitchen.  I'm blaming that on my trip to New Orleans a couple years ago where I bought these:

And then I had too many of these:

I'm surprised I remembered to bring my new artwork home.

Hell, I'm surprised I remembered to bring me home.

I wanted something a bit playful for the bar stools because, well...

It doesn't matter why.  I just wanted it, okay?  All of these (and a bunch more) were contenders at some point.

What did I end up choosing?  And did I make the right choice?

Or will I find myself in a corner, curled up in the fecal position?

Nah...if I don't like it, I'll put new stuff on them.  After all, it's only 3 seats, right?

Here they are!

The red is actually more of a burnt orange/cinnamon color, but that's okay.

I think they look just right at the island. 

Here, I set a place for you for dinner!

Of course, we don't usually eat dinner at the island, so you'll most likely be sitting by yourself.  And I didn't give you any silverware.

I have no plans to paint the stools at the moment.  I'm liking the dark wood I have in the kitchen.  For now.

Here's another before and after:


And since I know you've missed Eddie, here he is enjoying Phil's favorite chairSeriously...what dog sits like this?

He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!


So, how are your stools?

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Monday, August 25, 2014

mulligan {nightstand do-over}


This was one of the first things I ever painted.

I didn't really like it.  Probably never will.

Especially after the cream-colored paint started to yellow and the nightstand began to look like a smoker's special.

But I bought some new (old) furniture for our bedroom, so this is getting banished to the guest room.

But first, a little more paint and a lot more cuteness.

Without further adieu doodoo ado:

Since I took a shine to the whole metallic look, I just changed it from caramel latte to gray.  Martha Stewart Metallic Thundercloud, to be precise.  I had it left over from my Nightmare Stand

I painted the rest bright white (same color as my casing that you haven't really seen yet).

And then I cut some lace I picked up at the local thrift shop and spray-mounted it.  (Since taking these pictures, the lace has started to come away from the drawer fronts...don't tell anyone.)

Why, yes.  That is, indeed, the attention-whore clock.

I believe it will make an appearance in all subsequent blog posts.  I think I'll turn it into a "Where's Waldo" event.

I tried reading The Casual Vacancy on two different occasions.  It belongs to a friend of mine.  I was not impressed.  Have you read it?  It just doesn't seem to have any magic.

I've officially given up on it.  Especially after the Raccoon Incident, I don't have the stomach for petty politicking and personal agendas.

But now I don't have a yellow book to match my yellow stuff anymore.

I picked these knobs up at Hobby Lobby.  (I recently tore the house apart looking for these knobs.  Then I walked into the guest room and found them right where I left them.  Secured in these drawers.)

I'm liking it for now.  But that could change in five minutes.

If I keep adding enough layers of paint, it will eventually be big enough to be a dresser.

Monday, July 21, 2014

andi gets famous

There was a big to-do in the 'hood this weekend.

Dead Raccoon.

In The Lake.


Our 'hood has a homeowners' association.  I got drafted to be on the board.  It's all Phil's fault, and don't you think otherwise for one second.

One board member dug in his cloven hooves and didn't want to reimburse the person who had it cleared from the lake.


I swear, what's this world coming to?

All I could think was there are far more important things to do with my life than argue over a freaking dead raccoon.

Like write a post about a dead freaking raccoon.

My inner hippie wanted us all to hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

But since I'm not a hippie (and I don't have a personal recording of Kumbaya), I thought I'd make myself famous and introduce my very first YouTube video of the next best thing.

Brief intro...A couple years mom, my daughter, and I sang as a trio at Saturday evening mass.  Mom and Emma are both music majors and have beautiful voices.  I shamelessly begged them to let me play along and they were gracious enough to let me.

They're my two favorite women in the world.

I give very first (rudimentary) YouTube video.

And since Peace was Flowing Like a Dead Raccoon in a Lake in my neighborhood, I decided Peace should Flow like a River instead.

This was recorded in Mom's living room, so be kind.

Mom's on guitar and melody.  I'm on alto harmony.  Emma is on descant.

There are some lovely key changes and some lovelier 3-part harmony. 

In the end, Cloven Hooves sang Kumbaya.  

And all was well in the 'hood.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

treasures and guilty pleasures

So, I spent my kids' inheritance the other day.

Sorry kids.

I was having trouble stuffing roadside treasures in the trunk of my car, so Philly bought me a Jeep.  It's not like a JEEP Jeep...I won't be off-roading or driving through the desert and calling it a horse with no name or anything.

This is a Princess Jeep.  I can start my Jeep from my cell phone while sitting on the throne.  Or before I leave work.  Or while sitting at the bar.  Or on the throne at the bar.  It doesn't discriminate.

I know...I'm sofa king spoiled.

But, more importantly, I can stuff all kinds of treasures in the back of it.  It makes Philly so happy when I bring home other people's crap.

On the first day of owning my new guilty pleasure, we went shopping at Casa de 'Rents again.  Remember when I got my trunk?  Yeah, it's still sitting in the garage.  I haven't finished started scrubbing it down yet.

Anyhooser, I scored my first hatchback treasure. 

This lovely chickee belonged to my Gramma.  (The same Gramma who handed down her lovely buffet that I said I wasn't going to paint but I'm a total liar because I am going to paint it I just have to work up the nerve.)


Do you ever go back and read old blog posts and say out loud, "You sounded like an idiot."?  I need to avoid the mistake of reading my old blog posts.

Anyway, see my treasure?

In my Jeep?

Yes, my Jeep is white.  The Mustang is white.  Our pickup truck is also white.

We've become white-car supremacists.

Here's the cool machine that lives inside.  It's the rise of the machine:


But right now I'm using it as my laptop station.  I'm shopping online for fabric.

I got a few other treasures through Craigslist.  I had been saving for new bedroom furniture for 15 years.  Then I decided I didn't want new.  I wanted old-new.  So I spent 1/10 the money I had saved and got these beauties!  They are in amazing condition.  The color isn't my favorite, but that's easy to change, right?

Sorry I didn't dress them up for you.  I'm feeling so lazy these days.

And here's my Jeep smiling at you.  I was too lazy to take a good picture of this, too.

Doesn't it look like a snake?


Did you find this as riveting as Eddie did?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

he likes it! hey mikey! {sofa table makeover}

Hey!  Where've I been?

Well, I've been playing World Cup Soccer.
I've been walking on the moon.
I've been learning how to do DIY colon repair.
I've been making pizza.

Okay, that, I have been doing.  I think the pizza gods have defeated me.  I'm obsessed with Chicago-style pizza and I've made this twice and screwed it up thrice.

Only I can do that.

Do you ever have one of those CalgonTakeMeAway Months?  I didn't even realize I needed one until I stepped away from the computer and ignored it almost completely for a month.  I've been a bad blog friend though.  I haven't been visiting you guys very much either.  Boo.

I will be remedying that. 

But first, a brownie.  Because the pizza didn't make my pajama pants tight enough.

Anyway, I have a makeover to share with you.  All I have is a crap before picture, which makes no sense, because I've had this sofa table in my possession for 15 years.

Phil bought it one day when I was twirling on the monkey bars on the playground at parochial school.


He fights with me tooth and nail whenever I want to paint anything.  He's like Mikey.  He hates everything {painted} (until he tries it).

This table has been on my radar pretty much from day one.  Its time has come.  (No apostrophe in its.  Your punctuation lesson for the day.)  It's means "it is."

And guess what?


Here's the before.  I've snarled at this piece of furniture every day for 15 years.

Pay no attention to the lack of baseboard and the overabundance of dust.

No, really.  You're paying attention.

Stop it.

Now it makes me purr and rub my head against it constantly. 

I sanded down the top surface and the bottom shelf and stained with General Finishes Antique Walnut.  It looked like almost the same color I started with.  Boo.

So I added a layer of Kona and I loved it!

I painted the rest of the piece a half/half combo of ASCP Old White/Coco.  It was left over from THIS PIECE and THESE PIECES.  Then I waxed with AS soft wax.

I don't know why it looks like there are little white specklies on the wood.  Maybe I need to wipe off my camera lens.  It's really not on the wood.  I promise.

Diana Gabaldon is my all-time favorite author.  I have all her books.

Start with Outlander.

After a few days, I used 3 coats of General Finishes Enduro Var Satin on the stained surfaces. 

Then I licked it for good measure.

Yes, that's that same damn clock.  It's a vignette whore.

Yum!  Philly actually likes it BETTER than he did before!

Knobs 1/2 price from Hobby Lobby.

I'm preening.

And you thought I didn't like cats.

Well, there you have my reentry into blogdom.  Hopefully it won't be another month before I have some inspiration.

Eddie just because.  (He did this all by himself):

Now I'm off to have another brownie and a bath.  The brownie will help tremendously with the water displacement.

For all you Mikey fans out there:


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Saturday, May 31, 2014

meat loaf, mickey mouse, and mustangs

I've always been a bit of a car girl.  I blame my Dad for that.  He taught me how to drive in a 1971 red MGB convertible.

Not ours, but mostly what it looked like:

not my dad's actual car

It had a manual transmission because we were not allowed to drive an automatic until we'd mastered a clutch.

My Dad is a genius.  Now you see where I get it?

He's also humble.  That trait skips a generation.

My first "toy" as an adult was a 1985 Buick Grand National.  I freaking loved that car.  The whoosh of the turbo...

not my actual car

Then I got pregnant.  I gave up coolness and speed for poopy diapers and sore nipples.

Sorry, no pictures available.

A few years and one divorce later, I did get another toy.  It was a 1968 Chevy Impala convertible.  I called it Big Blue.  I'm sure I have a picture somewhere, but I'm too lazy to go looking for it.  No one ever accused me of being organized.  But basically it looked like this:

not my actual car
My kids would squeal and say, "Let's go for a ride in the Vertible!"  I'd pull the lap belt across the two of them and off we'd go.

Safety first.

Philly has always been a toy guy.  He had toys when our kids were little.  We were married at the time, but to other people, so I didn't get to partake in those toys.

He started with dirt bikes when he was a kid.  Then he progressed to street bikes.  Sport bikes.  Fast bikes.  And Philly was FAST.  We would take a weekend and load up the Ducati and head to a track day where he could fly like an eagle and I could get a sunburn and wrinkles.

I rode a Ducati for a while too.  Philly called me his Duckling.  I definitely waddled more than soared.  But it awesome while it lasted.

Philly in action:

Me looking for some action:

He also likes his cars...Porsche (pronounced por-shuh, NOT porsh--learn it; remember it), Corvette, Mercedes-Benz...he's had quite a few.

Lately we've been on a quest for a new toy.  I have no idea how we ended up here, but we did.

Neither of us has ever owned a Ford.  Neither of us thought we'd ever own a Ford.  We found one that suits us both just fine.

We found this car locally.  We usually have to venture out-of-state to buy the perfect car.  We're weird like that.  That's how we roll.  But this one we found in our own backyard.  It's a 2006 Mustang GT and we drove it off the lot with only 2900 miles.

You read that right.

An older gentleman ordered it new and passed away shortly thereafter.  After years in the garage, his widow finally decided to let it go.  I'm quite certain she will never read this post, but we will take very good care of this car.  You needn't worry.

What does this have to do with Meat Loaf?

Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, baby.  That's the first thing that went through my head when I mounted the 'Stang for the first time.

I love belting that song at the top of my lungs to the complete horror of my kids.  Life doesn't get much better than that.

Parents aren't even supposed to know what that means!!!


And, finally, Mickey Mouse.

I'm not a fan of black leather interior.  If this car had been plain black leather, it would have just been another car for me.  I LOVE the red leather and I was completely drawn to this car.  Then it dawned on my why.

It looks like Mickey Mouse.  I love Mickey Mouse.

This car reminds me of the jacket Philly bought for me when we were dating.  I pretty much knew he loved me at this point.

See the resemblance?

Well, there you have it.  And I didn't think I had enough material to write this post.

So, what about toys?  Do you (or your spouses) have an affinity for motorized toys?

Not that kind.  There are other websites for that.

Paradise by Meat Loaf:

I gotta know right now!  Do you love me?  Will you love me forever??