Sunday, January 25, 2015

nights at my round table

Greetings fellow dragon slayers!

I have been totally antisocial lately, which is not a great quality in a blogger.  I won't try and make excuses because excuses are BS.  I'm owning my misanthropic behavior.

So, let's forget my dereliction of duty and move forward, for crying in your beer cheese soup.

I've been searching for an end table to reside next to the sofa and the Butter Chair.  It couldn't be a piece with an unfinished (or hairy) back, since it will be seen from all sides (not up against a wall).

My Jeep was on autopilot the other day week month (it's been a while) and we ended up at the Goodwill.  My Spidey senses started tingling immediately and I walked straight up to this beauty and promptly shat myself.

It was in amazing condition, and the old price of $10 was scratched off and it was marked down to $5.

Seriously?  $5 for all this walnutty goodness????

And if you're going to tell me it's not walnut, shut up.  I don't want to hear it.

Thomasville.  1966.  It's older than me but younger than Philly. 

That is totally burled walnut in the middle, but my photography skills are crap and you can't see that.

I grabbed the tag, knocked down 3 old ladies, kicked a seeing-eye dog, dashed to the counter, and claimed my prize.

Seriously people.  Five dollars.  Like you wouldn't do the same.

I was originally going to paint the entire base, but as I finished sanding down the top, I realized how beautiful all the wood was and I didn't want to cover it all up.

So I only covered some of it up.

I painted all the black, black.

Just a little distressing on the edges.

Philly polished the hardware and it came out blingy.

It's got the gold package.


All of the wood you see got stripped down and a fresh coat of General Finishes Antique Walnut and a coat of GF EnduroVar were applied.  And then I promptly collapsed in a puddle of tears because the top showed "lines" from the poly.  It's the first time I've used this particular GF product.  I've never had their clear-coat do this before.

See the #^&*$(% streaks??

I have no time at the moment to sand it back down and start over.  A girl's got to get her priorities straight, and right now I'm halfway through a box of wine, a package of Dove chocolates, and a season of Hoarders.

So here's how it looks now when I took the pictures.

Oh.  And my son got engaged.  Wha????

Yep, and we love her.  Well, we love him too, but you know what I mean.  Here they are at Christmas.  His nickname is Sid.  The envelope says SID.  But they play well and Mommy wanted a picture of them with the "STD" card.

If you can see, she's Eddie-approved.

Yep, she's going to fit right in.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

piano room update {and some Christmas stuff}

Hello!  I have a couple things to show you in the piano room! 

Some of you poked me and reminded me that I've been absent a while.  I have no excuse.  At least not as good an excuse as my friend Amy at Buffalo Roam.  She's been absent because she wrote A BOOK!  I haven't read it yet, but I downloaded it immediately and plan on curling up with Mr. Kindle, a box of ho-hos, and a jug of wine sometime very soon. 

And maybe some Cool Ranch Doritos, too.

Now...where were we?  Oh yeah.  Stuff!

Need I remind you what the piano room looked like when we moved in?  Yes, I think I do:

Oh, I'm so sorry.  That's the wrong picture.

Try this one.

Either it's snowing in there or my buffet had a bad case of dandruff.

Suddenly...a floor, a man, and a schnauzer appeared!

And then we had our very special (piano) delivery.  Brought to you by the dudes who needed to pull up their pants and thank goodness weren't shirtless.

Then I got my big-ass clock and also suffered some ugly-rug syndrome:

But the room is finally coming along.  It's not completely finished, but it's pretty close.  Once I get a shirtless boy in there, I'll call it done and done.  But here's how it's been going.

First, I got me some trim.  On the window.  And the baseboard.

And some architraves, too.  I love that we put taller trim over the piano room entrance and the front door.  It's also thicker so it can collect more dust:

Then Tuesday Morning let me buy some of their curtains.

And Philly let me let him put them up.

I found this cabinet for my music stash in the online classifieds at work.  Isn't it freaking amazing? 

I have no immediate plans to do anything with it other than let it hang out next to Yamaha.

 But since it's Christmastime, I did this:

Oh, and I bought my first orchid.  I hope I don't kill it.  At least not right away.

But if I do, at least I've scored some little hair clips.

The rest of the pictures are of some random Christmas stuff around the house.  I really didn't take these pictures for you.  When next Christmas rolls around, I can refer back to this post and figure out how I put everything together instead of smashing things because I can't remember.

Because my memory is like 

Who are you and why are you reading my personal stuff?

Remember my sofa table?

This used to be my Mom's tree.  But they're in Florida.  So I broke in and stole it.  Maybe they should get a security system.

And since I have a new owl fetish, I acquired these 2 little guys this year:

This is Gramma's buffet.  I'm going to paint it red.  Shut up haters.

Baker's rack in the dining area.  (NOT dinning.  Stop spelling it that way Craig's List people).

And the top of the chest of drawers I currently have hanging out in no-man's land.

That was a really boring picture to leave you with, so here.

 Eddie says Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

master bath update {pottery-barn-inspired medicine cabinets}

We've lived here pert' near a year and I'm already moving my stuff into the master bath!  Amazing!

The delay is totally my fault.  We could have slapped mirrors up over the sinks, but I have the visual acuity of a mole, which means my face has to be right up to the mirror in order to see.  And my back isn't as limber as it was when I was 12.  I find it an inconvenience to bend way over to see my face just to apply makeup in an attempt to remove hide 10 years of my life.  In short, I need a mirror that will at least meet me partway.  Thus, medicine cabinets.

And I wanted "us" to learn how to make things out of wood. 

I really really liked this Pottery Barn medicine cabinet:


I really really didn't like the regular price of $449.  The sale price of $349 wasn't very comforting either, especially since we needed 2 of them.

Do you remember where we left off in the bathroom?

You can see some earlier master bath updates ==>HERE and ==>HERE.

But this is what the sink/vanity wall has been looking like (I cleaned up the dirt and hairs first).

We started the medicine cabinet project a long time ago so I don't know the exact amount we ended up spending.  It wasn't much.

And I did a horrible job of documenting the building of the cabinets, so there's no tutorial.  I do have one in-progress shot though.  Impressive, no?

We bought select pine boards from the Home Depot for the frames, birch plywood for the backs, and some 1/4" pieces of oak for the shelves.  I think we spent around $65 for all the wood and I stained everything in General Finishes Antique Walnut.

Phil put everything together with the Kreg Jig because I cast a spell on him and made him buy one.  ;) 

The mirrors came from Hobby Lobby.  With the 40% coupon, I think they were $9 each.  I also bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby for $5 for the pair.

All in all, we spent less than $100 on both cabinets.

Here they are!

Wow.  It's a face.  You see it too, don't you....

Why are they stained instead of painted to match the cabinets?  Well, let me first take a moment to thank me for asking.

I wanted to add some warm wood tones to the bathroom since everything else so far is white or gray and a little chilly.

And let's face it.  I always have the option of painting them if I really want to.  But I don't.  Yet.

But I did have some fun with the back of the mirror.  It started out that ugly gray back-of-mirror color.  Philly was the one who suggested we dress it up.  He wanted white contact paper.

So I did this (remember my backsplash stencil nightmare?).  This time the stencil project came out much better.

Not only did he not freak out, he actually wanted me to the same to the mirror in his cabinet!

What do I keep in my cabinet?  Don't grab the wrong one.  You'll be sorry.

Yes, that's vodka in the lower left.

It IS a medicine cabinet.

And a little finishing touch:

If you missed what that was all about, you can read about it HERE.

After all his hard work, Philly has definitely earned the ANGEL towel.

For now.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

you're so stupid, rose!! {a painful chair makeover}

I hope you all survived Halloween.  I managed to claw my way out from the onslaught of 11 trick-or-treaters.  

I was going to give this post a sweet title about my chair, Rosie.  But Rosie turned out to be a bit of a poophead.  Actually, it wasn't her fault but I was left with the same poopheadedness feeling.

Let's begin.

When Phil's mom passed away, we ended up with a few million of her things.  One was a dining table and chairs set.  I didn't know what to do with it, so I decided to take it to Goodwill.  My sister bitch-slapped me and said to give it to her instead.  Okeydokey.  So it went to be a foster child (children?) at her house.  She needed the extra chairs for family holiday gatherings and I needed stuff to not be in my basement.

Years later, she decided she didn't want it in her basement anymore, so it went to live in servitude with Emma in her first apartment.

Then Emma moved into an efficiency and guess what?  Dining Set came full circle.  Who says you can't go home again?

Naturally, I don't have pictures of the whole set because I'm only playing with one chair this entire month today.  Maybe someday I'll make them all over (shoot me), but for now, I just want one cute little chair to sit in front of my Gramma's sewing machine.

Here's how she started out:

I had every intention of being a total lazy-ass frugal with my time and throwing the new fabric over the old, but the staples basically threw themselves at me so I went ahead and yanked them all out.  

And the next layer.

Then I primed and painted.  The black (not shown yet) flowed beautifully.  The ASCP in Old Ochre wasn't as friendly.  I don't know whose fault it was...the paint or the clear (General Finishes water-based Enduro-Var), but this is what happened:

Swear, swear, f-bomb, swear.

I wanted to be fancy and do a black glaze in Rosie's crevasses and I thought a poly would be easier to work with than wax.  The poly was obviously a bust and the wax didn't work with the glaze either.

In fact, the glaze was such a bad idea I didn't even take any pictures of that debacle.

Swear, swear, f-bomb, swear.

So I primed that area (again) and painted (again) and waxed.

Then I distressed her a bit to bring out the details and waxed some more.  And I sit back and think....Hey missed a spot.  Except I didn't.  I sanded the paint off on purpose.  

I still can't get accustomed to distressing.  Maybe I just don't like how my distressing turns out.

Oh, Lawd, this is turning into a long, ridiculous post for one silly little chair.

In the end (or under the end), this is how Rosie turned out.

What do you think?

And here she is in her final resting place.

That sounds morbid.

I love that old typewriter.  I almost got rid of that years ago, too.  But it belonged to Phil's dad, so I'm glad I kept it.

Because doesn't everyone put an old typewriter on top of her Gramma's old sewing machine?

I wonder if I can use it to type my blog....